Horizontal Stabilizer – 2:30

I riveted the SNX-T03-01 Main Spar together. Then started in on the Front Spar. Assembled, drilled and deburred. Riveting this part was a bit more difficult. I ended up needing to remove the CCP 46 rivets out of T06-06 (both of them) due to direction I installed the rivets. I’ll have to order more rivets as I only have one left.

I started in on assembling the horizontal stabilizer and almost immediately ran into a snag. The holes do not line up with the parts T03-04 and the Main Spar on either side. Its the same story for part T03-03.

Going back to the plans, the holes in the main spar channel call for 13/32” from the side. The laser cut holes were punched at 21/64” on each side. I checked the ribs and they were correctly cut at 13/32”. I’ll contact Sonex tomorrow. Hopefully I will not have to replace the channel, there are a lot of rivets holding it to the Main Spar Fitting.

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