Fabricating T04-03 T04-04 4:00

Well the plan WAS to build this plane from a kit. Looks like I found an excuse to make some parts anyways. I didn’t like the idea of using rivet washers or replacing a perfectly serviceable completed forward spar held in place with almost 30 rivets for a rib that would be so easily created and replaced.

Aircraft Spruce is awesome! The materials I ordered got here fast and were packaged extremely well. All parts were taped to pine furring strips and were in great shape.

I checked the plans for the channel parts used to make T04-03 and T04-04. Then went to cutting. Just after making the first cut, I remembered that sheet AL has a grain, and I just cut it wrong. O well, I continued to make the part. I figure it will be good practice for when I cut the AL correctly.

I cut some scrap wood to size and bolted the AL to the wood. It worked, but not well. Glad this was just a trial piece anyways.

Then I realized that I needed to sandwich the AL between two templates. The second attempt came out much better. I’m happy with the results. The bends are not quite as crisp as the factory made parts, but they look pretty good.

From the pictures, if it wasn’t for the holes in the flange you couldn’t tell my parts from the factory parts.


I couldn’t help myself, I had to install the parts. So happy to be moving forward on the build again.


I still have not completed inventory, but building is so much more fun!

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