So I’ve been dreaming about building a plane since 2007 and at that time I was focused on a RV 7. I spent a lot of time reading builder’s pages and doing research. During this time I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the specific tools it seemed I needed to buy, even down to specific drill bits. I’ve rebuilt cars and done a lot of woodworking in my life, but never delt with sheet metal. To be honest, I avoided it. Then I started watching EAA Hints for Home builders, I really appreciated John Monnett’s no nonsense approach to aircraft building. I started taking a much closer look at the Sonex aircraft.

I really appreciated the Sonex design. For a large number of reasons, I believe it to be one of the best designs available. Well, now there is the Sonex B model… Even better, I know there is no free lunch, but the B is larger, more capable, and easier/faster to build. On the other hand is the expense, too much for me to upgrade at this point. I should have held out just a few more months before purchasing the full kit.

Even though I did not intend on building a plane from plans alone, I appreciated the option to do so. In 2013, after attending the Sonex Builders Workshop, I bought the tail kit and the complete pans for Sonex #1651. This later turned out to be a good idea. The plans that came with the tail kit were nowhere as detailed as the plans I got when purchased separately. More than once, when I’ve had a question, I’ve checked the complete plans against the kit plans.

When I started building this plane, I considered the different options for maintaining a builder’s log. I thought to myself, do I want to build a plane or a website. So I purchased a note book and started building my plane. In 2016, I joined the “paying” members of the http://www.sonexfoundation.com/ and Robbie Culver asked if I had a builder’s page. About this time I got back into reading other builder’s pages. I get a lot out of reading other’s pages and appreciate all of their efforts. I figure I should return the favor.

So now I’m here typing up my old notes and uploading my pictures. It will be quite some time before I get this page up-to-date with my “dead-tree edition” of my build log, but just like building the plane, you have to start somewhere.