Elevator 0:30

While I was at Oshkosh this year, I spent lot of time inspecting the tail section of Sonex aircraft. I know there is a joke here, somewhere. Well, the thing I noticed the most was that several of them had a slight twist in the elevator. Some worse than others. While they were all flying just fine, I’d still like to try and avoid this. So today I upgraded my workbench to make it as flat as I could get it. I snugged down the 2x6s as good as I could, then added a thick slab of MDF. Flatter than plywood and easily replaceable.


I then laid out the parts to start the Elevator and spent some time reading the plans. Sometimes I wish the plans included best practices/techniques for building a particular part.

Sonex Kit – 3:00

IMG_0428Today the rest of my kit arrived. That is a lot of parts. We had to break it down just to get it out of the truck. Once out of the truck the pallet was too heavy to carry into my garage so we ended up taking apart the pallet on the sidewalk and hand carry

IMG_0446ing in each part. The guys at Sonex do a gret job at packing. It really is impressive. Phew that was a lot of work. Did I mention it was 95 out and so humid you could drink the air. Jes helped a lot! Even My girls got into the action. It may be a while before I can park my car in the garage again. IMG_0457 I ran through the inventory for the boxes 1 of 6 and the pallet. So far it appears as if I have received 16 rather than 8 of each SNX-W15-06 and SNX-W15-07. Hard to complain about receiving too many parts. I’m going to wait and see if I just miss read the inventory list.



Tail Kit Delivery

Conway Trucking delivered the Sonex tail kit. Driver even placed the crate directly in my garage. Jes handled the delivery. One of the boxes was slightly damaged, Sonex did a great job packing. All of the parts were in good shape. We didn’t notice the damage until the plastic was removed. Check out the label that was damaged. Sigh…

When we opened the box nothing was damaged. Sonex did a great job packing. The plans were a sight to behold. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but wow. Also, it’s cold in Illinois. Heat is necessary, unless I wanted to make this a three season project.